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Hotellings assist family in need

Posted by Chris Anderson - April 23, 2015 - News - No Comments

The Hotelling family and Laurel Run have had a big impact on a lot of people over the years.  Recently, the Hotellings were able to come to the aid of a Massachusetts family, thanks to Laurel Run.

Shortly after 4:00 p.m. Thursday, April 17, Laurel Run committee member Steve Waterson received a phone call in his office at The Resource Center.  A man was calling from Massachusetts on behalf of a friend, a woman traveling with her 8-year-old twins.  While driving along the New York State Thruway in Chautauqua County earlier that day, the woman began experiencing chest pains.  The caller said the woman was undergoing tests at Brooks Memorial Hospital.  One of the woman’s children has autism, and the caller was concerned about the children’s welfare should mom end up being admitted to the hospital.

“I know the children won’t be put out on the street,” the man said, “but we’d like to have them be placed with someone who’s familiar with special needs children.”  The man said heard of Laurel Run, and he wondered if a local family might be willing to care for the children if need be.

“I immediately thought of the Hotellings, but I didn’t want to impose on them,” Steve said later in recounting the story.  Instead, he took down the man’s name and phone number, then called several people at The Resource Center to determine the best course of action.  A couple of TRC’s care coordinators got involved, with one phoning the Massachusetts man to uncover additional information while yhe other employee drove to Brooks to meet with the woman and her children.

Upon arriving at the hospital, the employee discovered that Elaine Hotelling was already there.  It seems that after ending his phone call with Steve, the Massachusetts man did some more research on Laurel Run.  Knowing that the Hotellings’ daughter Laurel has Down syndrome, the man found the Hotellings’ phone number and called them.  He explained the situation to Elaine, and she promptly drove to Dunkirk to meet the woman and her children.

As it turned out, the woman’s test results came back negative, and she was released from the hospital while Elaine was there.  By this time, the woman’s husband was en route from Massachusetts, but he wouldn’t be arriving for several hours.  Rather than have mom and children wait in the Brooks parking lot for the woman’s husband to arrive, Elaine persuaded the family to come to the Hotellings’ Silver Creek home for dinner and to stay there until dad arrived.  The father got to the Hotellings’ home at about 9:30.  With the entire family tired after an exhausting day, they gratefully accepted the Hotellings’ offer to spend the night.  The next morning, the family headed home to Massachusetts in their two cars.

Elaine was happy that she and Wayne had the opportunity to help out a family in need, and the family no doubt appreciated the Hotellings’ kindness and generosity.  And it was all made possible by information about Laurel Run that the woman’s friend in Massachusetts was able to find on the Internet.

“Laurel Run came to the rescue again,” Elaine said.

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